A Hangbag

Thomas used to call my handbag a hangbag – which is literally true, and even more so in the case of this one:


I made a bag. The concept works, but this fabric is a nightmare to work with. It won’t take a crease, so it looks like a washed out rag…
Also, I used a running stitch to sew in the lining, so the zipper isn’t exactly easy to use.
The bracelet is the handle. Since it’s a small clutch, you can put the bracelet on, and the bag dangles from your wrist. I’m going to make this again, but with better fabric and finishing!
I didn’t make the bracelet, but future ones I’ll do that too.


I used the same fabric for the lining, just wrong side out, then put in a simple pocket using the right side, so it’s easy to see inside the bag.

Bits of an Ikea fleece blanket made the padding.

All in all, I’m pleased, but it’s let down by looking rumpled.

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