When we lived in Penticton, Cananda a few years ago, I didn’t have a sewing machine with me. It didn’t stop me buying fabric though! I bought these frogs in Walmart, on clearance. I don’t know what I paid, but it won’t have been much. It’s been sitting in the stash for over 5 years. But Nico asked me to make him a shirt, and when I showed him this, he was pretty enthusiastic!
Thomas was happy to have the same as his brother – not sure how long that will last, but at the moment, I’ll just be glad. I very much doubt they will agree to wear them at the same time though.

Stupid mistake number 1? I was so keen to get on with the making that I failed to prewash the fabric. It’s probably been 20 years since I made that mistake!
Stupid mistake number 2? Forgetting that no matter what the pattern says, set in sleeves in the round. Always. Nico’s were set in flat, post hemming, as called for in the pattern, didn’t go in as easily, and well, just don’t look very professional. Thomas’s were set in in the round, and I’m very happy with them.

Burda 9700

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  1. Hola, pero si veo que hablas muy bien el español, tambien estas en santiago?, porque no me agregas en raverly soy ameko, asi mantenemos contacto, vi las fotos que tienes subidas y tus tejidos son muy lindos, Saludos

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