This week I have been…

mostly sewing and embroidering banner for Cub Scouts.

When Nico signed up for Cubs I said I would be happy to do anything to help, EXCEPT work directly with the kids. SO I got asked to sew instead. Win!

Cub Scout and his banner

It’s the first time I’ve had the machine embroidering for ages, and it worked beautifully. Poor old overlocker was a bit unhappy and the edges aren’t all that they should be, so I changed to the spare blade, but that didn’t help, so I asked the internet, and the suggestion was to, um, just clean it. So while I do brush it out regularly, this time I hoovered the life out of it, and yes, it’s perfectly happy now… There’s a lesson learned!

I finished 22 of the banners in time for the pack meeting today. Got a public thank you and lots of compliments and thanks from other parents.

Back to sewing trousers tomorrow. I owe updates and photos of the last few pairs. But that means photos of me…..

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