Sawtooth Star

I am making things constantly at the moment, but not blogging any of them.  Maybe if I start to blog the WIPs, I will also get around to blogging the FOs.

Today, I made my first piece of patchwork.  I’ve joined a quilting group, made up of mums from the school. We are led by Debby Kemball, who is an expert, and award winning quilter, so we have a great opportunity to learn.

I made this, this morning:

My teacher is very pleased with me. I loved how it all went together like magic, you have to cut very carefully, and sew very carefully, but if you put the pieces together in the right order (ahem) it turns into a star. I’m quite chuffed, I have to admit.

I had to leave early today, so I didn’t get to see what the others have made, and we have next week off school, so no quilting group, but I’m sure everyone else managed to make at least two. The others also made perfect squares, we are a talented group.

Taking up quilting has come at just the right time for me. My (unblogged) knitting frenzy of finishing things to a deadline has resulted in tennis elbow. Or knitter’s elbow. Which just makes me htink of housemaid’s knee. But anyway. I can’t knit. I can’t crochet. I was going mad. I was probably driving my family mad. But luckily, the elbow affected is my right one, and I can still wield a “between” with my left hand. So I have been saved, and my salvation is a Cathedral Window cushion cover.

I really need to get around to reading the post on Craftzine on taking good photos for your blog…

I’m doing this all by hand. Debby taught us how to machine the base fabric, but I figure sewing it by hand will nit only help me improve my handwork (and it needs to improve) but it will keep me busy until I can knit, or crochet again.

And now I need to go to the ironing board. I have another dozen squares to press all the corners in on.

Who knew this would be so much fun?!*

*I know, all of you.

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  1. Oh, cathedral window! I learned it at school and made a cushion cover for my mum (which is now in my bedroom), but have long harboured dreams of cathedral window patchwork curtains. Imagine the light!

    • I’m so envious of all of you who got to learn things like this at school. I never had any sot of needlework, never mind cathedral window quilts!
      I never even had cookery. Meh.
      Debby, who is teaching us says she also would like to do a cathedral window for a window, but is put off b the weight of it. I think I will be quite pleased with my cushion!

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