Keeping Busy

I’ve still got tennis elbow. It’s better, but I’m trying not to knit too much, so I’m still working on the cathedral window quite a lot.

I’ve always said that my hand stitching isn’t up to much. I was never taught. Mum taught me to catchstitch a hem, but I’ve never really learned to do any proper hand stitching. Here’s one of my windows, close up, done a week or so ago:


Here’s one I did over the weekend, using my newly acquired slipstitching skillz after Debby taught us at quilting group on Friday.

Yeah? Yeah! Way better!  I know the corners still aren’t great, but the difference, when you know how, is pretty substantial.

Here’s the whole piece, as of today:

What else am I doing? There are a few knits in progress,  a Liesl, in Louisa Harding Castello, a pair of socks for Bill that didn’t quite manage to be birthday socks, but might still be salvaged as Xmas ones!  I’m crocheting a cardigan in Quintessence Wool/Silk (although I swear the yarn feels more like cotton/silk.

I’m taking a break from sewing trousers for myself and right now I’m making a shirt for Thomas for Kermess. His kilt is too small, so I have found in the stash a piece of what looks to be Royal Stewart tartan shirting. Only enough for short sleeves, and I have cut the collar, pockets and yoke on the bias so that I don’t have to worry about matching the plaid (ok, I wouldn’t be bothering anyway). I was short the fabric to do a doubled yoke, so I have interfaced with a woven fusible, and covered the seams with a piece of bias tape. (Slipstitching  FTW again!)

(Sorry, crappy camphone photo again.)

Now I’m thinking I should go back and redo all the hems I’ve ever hand sewn.  Well, thinking, but I can’t see me ever actually finding the time to do it.  Too much fabric waiting to be used.

One last photo for today. I made this ages ago – when I was doing the weaving/macrame/rug knotting course last year. I never got around to finishing my piece for the class. Eventually I realised I’d never take it any farther, so I decided to just embellish the little piece of weaving, and that would be that.  Here’s what I came up with. I finally hung it on the wall at the weekend.

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  1. I checked in on your blog – so thrilled to see your FANTASTICALLY improved (and just fantastic now) blind stitch on the cathedral window. What a star pupil!

  2. Wow, love the window cushion, it’s amazing.

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