All buttoned up

And with the 61st button, I’ve finished the front of my cathedral window cushion. All hand sewn up to this point and it will forevermore be a record of how much my hand sewing has improved since Debby started teaching us in October!
Need to cut out a couple of metres of the blue fabric for binding. And then I have to pit it together with the back and it will finally be finished!

Anyone want to hazard a guess on when that will be?!



I made this bracelet for Alicia’s birthday.  The beads are Rhondonite, sent to me from New Mexico by Mary, and the wire is 95 silver, 0.3mm, there are a couple of silver end beads, and the clasp is a silver lobster claw.  Very pretty, but unfortunately a little too big for Alicia’s wrist, I think she likes it anyway.

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