Jam & Jelly

I had the weekend off, Bill took the boys camping, so I had two and a half days to myself.  Some of the time was put to good use.

I’ve finished unpacking my workroom downstairs, and will take some new photos the next sunny morning.

I also finally tackled the mebrillos (quince in English) today.  I used about 10 of them, to make jam and jelly but that’s hardly made a dent in the supply. Next up will be Dulce de Membrillo, or Quince Paste.  But here is how my jam looked in the pan. Still yellow, which I was surprised about, but it seems I need to cook it for even longer if I want it to turn pink. Next time I will cook it longer before adding sugar, once the sugar is in, you can only keep cooking it for so long, or it catches and burns.  I was using a recipe that lets you make jam and jelly from the same batch of fruit.  You place whole fruit in water and boil for 30 minutes, then you take them out to drain and cool.  You then put the peel and cores back in the cooking water, then sieve (I used the mouli) the pulp and add it to a clean pan with the same weight of sugar. Boil until almost all the moisture is gone. Meanwhile, I boiled the skins, seeds etc all the while in the original pan with the cooking water, to make the jelly.

I got 3 and a bit jars of the jam, it’s very thick, and tastes amazing (yes, I licked the spoon!) The flavour is like moscatel grapes, I think, at least that’s the only thing I can think of that’s similar.

For the jelly, I strained the cooking liquor through muslin, and all I had was 500ml, so I added 400 grammes of sugar and the juice of half a lemon, and boiled and boiled it until it fell off my wooden spoon in drops. I think I boiled it too much!  I’ve never tried to make jelly before, so I didn’t really know when to stop, maybe I should invest in a sugar thermometer!  Never mind, I bottled it up and got a jar and a half, and it’s lovely, and even slightly pink. Result!

We tried a bit of it with tonight’s chicken and it does taste really nice. Must go out and buy some good cheese to enjoy it with!

There are plenty left on the tree for the next experiment.

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  1. Hello from LJland! The taste of quinces is just delicious. Yum.

  2. It looks gorgeous!

    Love from Land Girl

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