This wasn’t made by me…

I have 3 quilts made by my Great Grandmother, Twila Armstrong Beers. Two are patchwork, but one is hand appliqued. Since I have been learning from Debby I have a much greater appreciation of just what a real masterpiece this quilt is. Here’s a detail:

That’s all hand stitched, the appliqué and the quilting, and the stitches are tiny, plus the hand embroidery. I wonder how long it will have taken her to do this? My dad thinks it will have been made no later than the 1970’s. One of the Aunties I think told my mum it was from a kit. I do have a couple of quilting pattern books that were my grandmother’s but nothing like this.

Yesterday, though I finally realised what the flower was. I’ve been trying to work it out. And there I was sitting looking at the flowers a friend brought over. And I suddenly looked at the Portmeirion jug, and realised that it’s the same flower. It’s a lilac!

So for my next task, maybe now that I know what it is, I can find the pattern! If anyone knows where to look, please give me a hint.

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