Oh look, a pile of painstakingly unpicked triangles!

Aargh. This week I am learning foundation piecing. It is not going particularly well.

I’ve done one strip, and I think it’s ok, not perfect, but it will do (a lot of my craft work consists of stuff that will “do”, I’m happy to admit that!)

This one has 16 purple triangles and is 16 inches long. That’s about right.   The unpicked pile has 13 purple triangles and was also 16 inches long. I decided to give up and have a do-over.  Tomorrow. Or maybethe next day.

But:  there are FOs! Two of them!

The fish pillow is finished, and installed in Nico’s room.  It’s all hand stitched except for the zipper and the first side of the binding. I hand stitched all that binding on at the back and YOU CAN’T SEE MY STITCHES!  I never knew I could be so excited by a needle and thread.

And finished today: Suri Alpaca Cowl

Why yes, I am feeling awfully tired today, why do you ask?

It was planned as a shrug, then I decided that I would probably want to poke my eyes out with my knitting needles if I had to keep knitting all the way across the width of my back. And also, why was I knitting a shrug? I have no wish to wear a shrug. So, it became a cowl, and I think that the pattern lends itself very well to becoming a cowl, I made one and a half sleeves, and it’s started with a temporary cast on so that both ends are the same.

Anyway, now it’s going to be a birthday present for someone who doesn’t read my blog, so I can safely post it here.  The yarn is incredibly beautiful, Quintessence 100% suri alpaca. Like silk. I still have 250 grammes of that colourway and 500 of another.  Here’s a picture of a most excellent Suri Alpaca.

(And yes, I am feeling awfully tired today, as I see is obvious from that photo!  And cold. )

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