Felting and solidarity

Today, Naty collected me to take me to Ellen’s for a lesson in felting. I have done wet felting (on purpose) only once before and it was a messy and quite frankly not much fun experience that I haven’t been anxious to repeat. But I decided it was time to try again.

We were felting roving onto gauze, and it didn’t involve bamboo mats and running dyes, and I throroughly enjoyed it.

We made a scarf for a woman in the Stgo International Quilt Guild who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer so is leaving to go home to the US at short notice for her treatments. I have never met her, but I was glad to be able to do a little something for her.  And it’s funny how without even thinking about it, when someone says “breast cancer” I just said, “oh, I had that.”  How did I get to be so matter of fact about it?  But I am. And I am also positive about it, which I hope helps other people when they are worried.

I took some photos with the iphone, so they are not of the best, but they will let you see what we made, and I think it’s beautiful. I hope to get some photos of it when it’s dry and actually you know, finished!

Naty working on the border

Ellen giving it a light soaking

Ready to turn over and do the back side.

Vicki rolling. This was about halfway through the process, it started a much thicker roll.

Sneak peek, halfway through.

After being rolled and pummelled for ages.

Finished and ready to be hung up to dry. That's not a hole, it's me taking a photo into the light...

I hope the recipient loves it.

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