Catching up and Changing Names

I’ve been thinking for a while that the old title of this blog didn’t really cover the whole story, “This was made by me”  is fine if that’s all I write about, but stuff about the house, and possibly even the boys was starting to creep in!

So now it’s Casa Queltehue (kel-TAY-way) which is the name of our street.

A queltehue is a type of lapwing. That’s my favourite photo of them, says it all really. I emailed the photographer via that site ages ago for permission to use his photo but have heard nothing back, I will just have to stalk the local bird population with a camera until I get one of my own as good!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here, so I’m going to go downstairs to my sewing room to make the most of the natural light, and work on this stuff a bit more.

29 little pieces. Took me ages to cut out! Just to put them all together again, too.

First few steps complete, looks like something, doesn't it?

Tada! It all went together just like it should.

And last weekend, I went through my scrap box and pulled out all the 100% cotton pieces.  Turns out there was rather a lot to add to my previously tiny quilting stash:

Plenty to be going on with.

Not sure if just me, or does this look a bit uterus-like to you too?

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  1. Sorry but I couldn’t resist telling you that it does look like a bikini bottom.

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