Parque O’Higgins

Yeah, we went to Parque o’higgins today. We never even really got into the park! It was very very crowded, as was the metro getting there. It was doable with our kids of 10 & 8, but I don’t think we will do it again.

We had hoped to see the military parade today at o’higgins but there was no chance. It probably took us 15 mins at a slow shuffle to get fromthe metro to thenpark entrance then another half hour to get to the area where the parade would be but tjere was no chance of getting close by then and we were hungry. We went intonthe fonda in tje hope of being able to get something without meat.

Hah! Eventually they brought brought what looked like a plate of defrosted frozen veg for Tracey.


Our visit to the Fonda to eat took forever and cost a fortune, but we were there with all the ordinary Santiaguinos, which isn’t something we do very often. The boys hardly ever get out of La Dehesa. People were dancing to the band and there were huge family groups having lunch, although the family at the table next to us sent back their parrillada so we were a bit nervous!


Eventually we got traceys “salad” and Bill’s plate of pollo asado con agregado, our choripans and an empanada.

$30.000 pesos for 5 people to have not much of a lunch and it took ages.

After lunch we were going to go back into the main area but it was too crowded, we were literally in a tide of people and you just got pulled along. I was glad we had 3 adults for the 2 kids. We turned back and got pulled along in the other direction but had reached a bit of open space when thenflypast happened which was good.


Then everyone started moving again but there was enough of a gap that we could get to the churros van (sorry no photos of tje manjar filled goodness!)

Then back across the tide to the exit stream which wasn’t too bad until we got into the bottleneck at the gate. Even though they opened it wider it was hard work getting out and Nico got separated from Bill, but luckily Tracey was right behind him so we got out ok.
Then it was back to the metro station at the same slow shuffle. And straight into a wall of people.

It would obviously take forever to get into the station, and the iPhone said that the previous station was 1.1km to the south, so we decided to walk it. I thought we needed to go up to the road overhead. This would have been a really dumb mistake if we hadn’t had a huge stroke of luck. The steps up just led to a bus stop, we needed to push our way back down and walk along the edge of the park. But just as we turned to go back down a taxi appeared as if by magic, and disgorged its passengers right in front of us. The driver had no issues with taking all 5 of us (4 pax max) all the way back to el golf! Definitely 7 luca well spent.

Once we got to the car we were home in 20 minutes. BBQ lit, veg kebabs and sausages eaten, and now the boys are in bed all ready for back to school tomorrow!


But I would have rather been in the Doña Tina tent at parque hurtado. I really like going there and we will go back next year. Maybe we will also give Ines de suarez another try, we went there on the 17th our first year and weren’t impressed but maybe it hadn’t really got going and it would be better on the 19th.

And when I have a real keyboard in front of me I will fix all the typos in this and add more photos.

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  1. Sorry it sounds like you didn’t have a great time at O’Higgins. We went on Saturday, and it was getting very crowded when we left at 6, but it was nice the rest of the day. We took the metro, which was only crowded for a bit on the way back on the yellow line (I still don’t know the numbers except for line 1!) We found the inflatables for kids were much less crowded than at Hurtado, and the kite-flying field was especially nice, though we went through 2 paper and 2 plastic kites before we got one very high. I liked that it was different than Hurtado, though I still think I like Hurtado a bit more (though I liked not having to wait to get in and pay to get in at O’Higgins). I like that it was a bit rowdy, and that we saw lots of impromptu dancing-everything from cueca to spinning guys with drums to swaying transvestites. It seemed much more like people just broke into dance because they were moved by the festive atmosphere, as opposed to it being a scheduled time for dancing. I liked that we were given a kite with a message about quality education on it, and people weren’t protesting, but were there with political messages.

    If we were here for dieciocho next year, I would go back to O’Higgins at about 10:30 in the morning, when it’s not crowded, and leave by 5. I would go back to Hurtado because the shows and food there are really fantastic. Our impression of Ines Suarez is that is lame, and that it is basically the Padre Hurtado crowd, but with less interesting stuff going on.

    My two cents-I hope your visitor enjoyed dieciocho despite her subpar veggie meal. They were giving away soy burgers at O’Higgins (though we didn’t try any).

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