Years and years ago, I bought this fabric with the intention of making it into a beanbag. This year I had to give in and use it. The beanbag we bought in Canada was beyond redemption. Actually it’s been beyond redemption for about a year, but just recently the dog tore a couple of huge holes in it….which I repaired with…duct tape. No one was amused.

Oh well. Today I finished the replacement cover. Here is a silly faced Nico test driving it for me.

It has French words and some nonsense words on it and I am assuming that “tut-tut” is French for “toot toot”. Not sure what “bla bla” is though.

3 responses to “Tut-tut

  1. “Tut tut” is a sound (you certainly realized that French people make a lot of funny sounds…) you make of disaprovement…”bla bla” is something you say when somebody is talking a lot and mostly rubbish!

  2. Yes, in English both those things are true, but I didn’t know if the French used the same sounds. Also, since it’s a car and traffic theme on the fabric I wondered if it was “toot-toot” like the car horn!

    Sewing + language!

  3. It could be German….”tut tut” is the German spelling for “toot toot” and as Germans are so fond of cars;-)
    But the “bla bla” doesn’t make too much sense!

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