The Dragons seem to be running a bit late

I had originally hoped to have Thomas’s Dragon quilt finished for his 11th birthday. That was yesterday. Oh well….

My excuses are many, but mainly I blame the fact that the dragons themselves kept changing their minds about how they wanted to appear. At first they were going to be a motley assortment, placed in simple rows and columns. Then they were going to be rather more uniform, but still a simple grid. Then they wanted to be a little more distinguished, so they thought black sashing was the answer. We went along with this idea for a while, but suddenly a magazine fell open to a quilt placed on point and all was lost. Well, not lost, but just rethought. And suddenly flames were everywhere. And overpowering, so more rethinking was required. Not on the part of the dragons, of course. Thomas was consulted but he liked every idea that was mentioned without much opinion either way, so that was no help whatsoever. Quilting friends were consulted, too, and they were rather more useful!

Eventually, the voice of the littlest dragon, heretofore left out was heard. He was too small to make a 6 inch square, but was not too small to be appliqued to a larger black square, and a line of little dragons was just enough to halt the flames in their dominion, er, I mean domination. (If I admit that at one point the flames were totally vanquished and in their place were intended 15 of the littlest dragon, you will forgive me realising that appliqueing 15 dragons would make me want to run screaming from the sewing room. As it is, 2 of them were hand appliqued, and the other three satin stitched by machine…)

And now, with 5 of the rows complete, here were dragons on Thomas’s birthday. With added Thomas for scale.


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