The Slow Growing Tree of Life


I finally, FINALLY finished this a week or so ago, then promptly forgot to take any photos, or brag about the fact that it’s finally done!  I thought I had fiinished the last time we got together on a Wednesday mornng at Trina’s, but when I got home I realised that I had accidentally tucked a bit of the binding,  So I fixed that, and here it is!

I have learned so much, so many new skills from this one project. I know it took over a year from start to finish and it’s only 18 inches square, but even though I put it down for months at a time, I absolutely love it, and I loved each step of making it.

Deborah Kemball’s Jacobean Tree of Life, from the book Beautiful Botanicals. All the fabrics, except the binding, were gifts from Debby, my favourite teacher ever.

The binding fabric was a real stroke of luck. I bought it in Weavers Dry Goods in Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania. I didn’t even have the tree with me, but after spending nearly a year with it, I knew I could trust myself to choose well. I loved that fabric so much that I was soon wishing I had bought more than a yard. I must have bored everyone to tears with how much I loved it. So much so that I ended up making more difficulty for myself… When it came time to cut it for the binding, Debby suggested (insisted?) that I use single fold binding, cut on-grain to save fabric. Add something else new to the skillset then!

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  1. Aaah, what a lovely Tree of Life – might have been slow to grow but it’s gorgeous and you’re a model of resolution and determination to finish it….It’s amazing just how much your stitching has come one – you’re a fabulous student and a whole lot of fun to have in the quilting group!! Huge congrats on a lovely piece of work!

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