Meal Planning

I’ve been thinking that I need to do something to save money at the supermarket and cut down on waste as well.  So I think I’m going to try planning ahead for meals, and going shopping with more of a *plan* than I currently do. And a list that I will stick to has got to help since my habitual shop is done on an empty stomach after the school run.

Food is so expensive in the supermarkets near where we live, and the local markets aren’t much better. Maybe if I get this down to a fine art I will be able to order online from the supermarkets and get my vegetables delivered. We are relatively self-sufficient on fruit of course, most of the year.  However, since we haven’t quite mastered storage, we will still need to buy some. I do try to only buy the fruit thatwe don’t grow, like bananas. Or that we grow, but don’t get enough of, like grapes.

And next year I want to grow tomatoes, I know they are very water hungry, but Bill is working on ways of reusing shower and washing machine water, so maybe we will come up with a better irrigation system.  I can’t even grow herbs at the moment. Even with them being watered every night in the summer they just shrivel up and die.  I want to have mint, and sage and thyme, and all we have is a huge rosemary shrub, and some oregano. I haven’t even bothered with basil, I just know it’d be dead in a day.



So I guess we need more planning in the garden too!

Now, it’s leftovers tonight, but what shall we have for tea tomorrow??

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  1. Deborah Kemball

    You can come and pick up all the chestnuts in my garden and make a chestnut soup… I’ve just made one – total ingredients oil, garlic, onion, old bacon bits, lots of chestnuts, stock, bay leaves (also in garden), sage and will zoom up later for creamy soup – will tart up with a bit of crispy parma ham on top and crumbled chestnuts…. If you google chestnut recipes there are more than you can imagine. You’re welcome any time (they are hell to shell though – my nice husband steamed and shelled about two kilos yesterday…)

    • I might take you up on that, Debby if you have any left on Wednesday! We only have conkers around here!

  2. What about growing water-hungry herbs in the bathroom, where it’s nice and humid? Have you guys tried/heard about Drip irrigation? That’s what my parents use in California.

    • We have tried growing plants in our bathroom but that hasn’t worked either! The joys (?) of having 5 bathrooms – none of them get used often enoughto be at all humid in this climate.

      Bill has rigged up a drip thing that waters the herbs, but only when the sprinklers are running. I wonder if we (he) need/s to rethink the whole system. Hmmm. Food for thought.

  3. we went through the same phase and decided to buy our groceries just once a week , cook a lot one day and freeze for the week ahead…it’s working a lot in term of planning and saving money…problem we have to stick to this plan and dedicate part of our weekend to do that, good luck! 🙂

    • Luckily I have the time to cook almost every day, but I think that shopping once a week is going to be smart!

  4. I meal plan. On a good week. There are lots of bloggers who publish their weekly plans, and I find that helpful when I need a new trick. (That’s a hint that you should publish yours!) Good luck — it’s a helpful concept for those with the discipline to do it!

    • On a good week! I like that. OK, I will try and post my weekly menus. Somehow over dinner tonight this turned into a collaborative venture that we’ll do on Sundays, I see a lot of macaroni cheese in our future!

  5. Good idea of planning the weekly meals. The best way to not spend on what you are not going to consume. Hoping for ideas and recipes. Meals in my home are an ordeal. Nobody wats the same.

    • I’m not all that good at the planning, but with practice i think it will be good. Also, to include the kids in the planning will hopefully help.

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