Not planning, just reporting

I was inspired by yesterday’s post and the responses to it to plan today’s dinner as early as….this morning!

We had chicken in creamy “tarragon” sauce. Yes, the inverted commas are there for a reason. When I opened the shrink wrapped packet of tarragon, I couldn’t smell a thing. Not a thing. And quite frankly, when we ate it, there would probably have been more flavour if I had gone outside and picked some grass and tossed it in instead.

As for the chicken, well, I’ve started buying the new, low in salt chicken. Which just means that instead it being injected with 15% brine, it’s just 15% plain old water. I was using skin-on boneless thighs today. I bought a kilo pack, removed the skin, and pan fried the pieces.


The photo speaks for itself. Maybe it’s time to start buying the more “expensive” chicken. See, I’m doing that trick with the inverted commas again.

One of the great things about living here in Chile is being able to eat locally grown food almost all the time. Our food miles have shrunk substantially in the three and a half years we’ve been living here. So every once in a while I push the boat out and allow myself a foreign treat. Today’s was asparagus, all the way from Peru.


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  1. You are a multiple woman of numerous talents!

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