Today’s baking

There were a couple of slightly shrivelled courgettes in the fridge, so I have turned them into Zucchini Bread. Somehow Zucchini sounds better than Courgette in these circumstances.


This could all be displacement activity aimed at putting off dealing with the membrillo (quinces).


You have to admit that’s a bit daunting. And I’ve already given away huge amounts. And there’s at least that much left on the tree.


And I love quince. I will make jam (using this recipe here) and syrup, and also freeze the pulp for doing something else with later, but right now I just can’t face it. There’re too many of the damn things.

However, I won’t be able to do much baking either, we’re down to the last 3 eggs and this pair aren’t exactly earning their keep at the moment. I think they are moulting given all the feathers lying about. However, the boys cleaned the coop and run today, so maybe they will be willing to do the deed in their lovely fresh nesting boxes soon!



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