Heading Home

Funnily enough, just like last year, I’m sitting here on the plane feeling happy and excited about heading back to Stgo.

It has been great to be home, but now we are going home. Edinburgh is home, at least when we are there, and also on some days in Chile. And not just the bad days, also on the best days, I find I miss my Edinburgh life. Funny, isn’t it? But each of the 4 years we have headed back to
Chile, I have felt this excitement and eagerness.

This is a good thing.

2 responses to “Heading Home

  1. This is so weird! I wrote a post so very similar to this this week. Home means something different for ex-pats, doesn’t it? I wonder if you ever adjust to these feelings, or if it’s just part of the life.

    • I think we’ve written similar posts before, eh? And “home” is obviously a function of how long we are here, but there’s more to it than that. I know people who will never feel at home here. I know that part of it is *wanting* to feel at home. I certainly have always approached our life here with that in mind.

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