Ask any of my students what is the first thing we talk about in beginners class?  SEWING ROOM SAFETY is top of the agenda. 



Yeah. I can tell you honestly that I have never done this before, at least not in the sewing room.  I was sewing along happily, churning out blocks on the trusty Janome 2160QDC, which was SINGING,let me tell you!


I was working on pinwheel blocks, and you need to trim them at a 45 degree angle before the next step.  I don’t know if it’s because I had the music too loud, or for some other reason I wasn’t concentrating properly, because the next thing I knew, the rotary cutter slipped, or my fingers slipped, or the planets aligned in a sinister manner, or I’ve run out of excuses.  I sliced 2 fingers open. It hurt like, well, like slicing the very tip off your index finger should hurt I guess.  In a “you really don’t want to do something that stupid every again kind of way”. Really.  It hurt. 

The Culprit:

Thomas rushed to my rescue as I was standing over the sink trying to think what would be a sensible thing to do.  And Bill looked in from the garden and saw Thomas rushig back and forth and came to investigate.  He reminded me that the smart thing to do when you are bleeding is to elevate the injured part.

After the bleeding slowed, Bill coated my wounds with antiseptic and anaesthetic cream and applied lots  of plasters.  I’m not looking forward to taking them off to inspect myself tomorrow,  Bill leaves for the site at 0.dark.30 tomorrow.  Thomas has promised to be a lot of help to me this week, but I think dressing my wounds is a bit much to ask.

So, lesson learned, and I think my new students who will start with me on Tuesday are going to pay real attention when I wave my bandages at them while saying “never ever take your eyes off the sharp thing!”

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