A blank slate

I realised yesterday that we didn’t have a 2014 calendar or diary in the house. So when I saw this one with yarn on the cover during our last minute dash to the Jumbo, I popped it in my trolley.


It’s a blank slate, a bit like this blog is every time I open it up to write or post a photo.

A blank slate and a New Year, and for once I *am* making a resolution. I have said more than a few times that I want to post more often here, and that I want to write a “Project of the Week” post every week. So here we go, I’m resolving to do just that. I’m saying it right here in front of witnesses. Feel free to encourage me if you think I’m slacking!

Happy New Year. I hope this year is better than last, which is my usual hope at the beginning of a New Year, but 2013 really did have its difficult moments, and it was good to see the back of it.

2014 will bring us teenager-hood and the end of elementary school for our family. Hopefully it will be a busy and creative year for all of us, and for all of you too.


One response to “A blank slate

  1. Oh gosh, we don’t have a 2014 calendar either. Got to put that on my shopping list. Thanks Ali.

    Wishing you and your family a better 2014. Tip for surviving the teenage years – wine, lots of it! 😉

    Looking forward to your project of the week posts!

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