Project of the week 1/52 (Por fin!)

Let’s quietly ignore the fact that the first week of 2014 is well behind us already. I had almost finished these before the end of the week, but I only got around to weaving in the ends today.


A set of my beaded food covers. And these are for me.
These have proved to be very popular when I do craft fairs so I have ended up selling the ones I thought I was making for myself as well!

Here are covers for my big oval wooden salad bowl, a round bowl cover, one for the water (or more likely Pimms) jug, and a small one for the salad dressing or a milk jug, or a beer can. I think I have enough of the green thread to make a few more small ones so there would be a set to cover drinks as well.


And here are the two I found in the bottom of the project bag with just their ends to be woven in. All finished now.

And now onto next week!

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