I noticed something funny about my right index fingernail the other day. There was a deep ridge across it. I was worried until I noticed a slight ridge on its neighbouring nail.


Obviously the effect of slicing off the tip of one finger and halfway across the nail of the other was a shock to the nail bed. Weird.

The quilt in question is almost complete now, and I think it’s going to be worth the blood, sweat, and tears. I hope! It will take a while to reach its destination so the verdict will be slow in coming.

2 responses to “Vestiges

  1. Hej, it seems for me, you could be my sister in brain- is it possible to say it by this way?
    We are thinking about changing the working place from Flensburg to santiago…
    I ask somebody about material and workshops, so i got your block!
    Greetings Ina : )

    • Hi! Oh yes! I’m trying to think what the term in English you’re looking for is. All I can come up with at the moment is partner in crime 😉
      Santiago is a great place to sew, keep in touch and let me know when you get here, I’d love to show you my favourite places!

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