There’s a street for that!

This morning we need to get tyres for the car. There’s a street for that here in Stgo. And it’s very close to the street for bicycles. Which is handy as younger son needs a new bike.

I’ve never lived anywhere before where you don’t go to a shop for something, you go to a street.

Off the top of my head, Independencia for Fabric, Rosas for beads, 21 de Mayo for yarn (not hard to see where my interests lie), Bandera for 2nd hand clothes, Tenderini (discovered thanks to the fantastic “findinchile” group on Facebook) for spare parts for kitchen appliances. Need a new jug for your blender? No problem.

I’m writing this on my phone but later I will try and add map links. Although the best source I know for this sort of info in English is Eileen Smith’s blog,

But as I sit here this morning I can’t remember the tyres street. I’m pretty sure the bike street is San Diego though. Ah well, the longer it takes us the less time today there will be to play world of tanks, or kerbal space programme or whatever the current favourites are.

We are at friends for a BBQ this evening, so half of a Dadless weekend at least will be filled with activity.

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