SABLE*: that’s me.

This post on Quirks ltd made me think about stashing and using.

Quilting Stash

I rarely buy stuff with a project in mind. It’s often years before the idea percolates up, and then I have to dig down down down into the stash.

I have stuff in there that’s probably 30 years old.

Big pile o'fabric

Now that I have the luxury of time to work, I am using stuff that I remember buying because it was beautiful, because it was cheap, because it would always remind me of where and who I was when I found it. The stash is part of me, an extension of who I am now.

Now that I am making things to sell, my attachment to the stash is almost more intense. I have to be willing to let pieces go. This is easier when I am making gifts, the possibility of seeing the piece again is one reason for that ease, but selling to a stranger is totally letting go.

*Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

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