Watch what you name your quilts…..

IMG_7655So, I broke my duck. I actually entered a quilt into a competition.  Mostly because they didn’t seem to have enough entries and kept extending the deadline.  (That’s my excuse whether I or anyone else believes it or not.)

But if I had known I was ever going to enter it in a competition, I would have chosen its name more wisely. My tongue was thoroughly in cheek, I promise you.  It took me months to make the blocks, during which it was always referred to as the “magnum opus” and then Naty & I went and pieced the top and quilted it in 3 days.

When I go back on Sunday I’ll take some photos of the other quilts, there are some lovely works.

But for now I will try and think of what I will call the one I’m planning for the March 2015 competition…..


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