This little guy needs a name!


As a lot of you know, my suegro, Geoffrey died in June.  He was an avid railway modeller, which of course is one of the things that made him the very best kind of Grandpa.

When we were home in June, Bill and the boys each chose a favourite piece from the amazing model railway in the loft.  Me being me, I chose this little guy, something that Geoffrey *used* to make his models.  I’m now using him to make my things.  Which are admittedly somewhat different to Geoffrey’s things!

It struck me once again today, that this isn’t a tool, it’s a little helper, and he needs to have a name!  Any ideas?

2 responses to “This little guy needs a name!

  1. Reminds me of the little lamp in Pixar’s short film, Luxo and Luxo Jr. So, Luxo Jr.?

  2. Uppfinnar Jocke – Swedish for that clever science guy in Kalle Anka (Donald Duck) mags 😀

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