Home from Hotel Alemana


Which is actually Clinica Alemana, or the German Hospital here in Santiago, but ever since my first inpatient stay there I have considered it a 5* hotel with operating rooms!

I went into the operating theatre at noon yesterday and was given my discharge papers just before noon today, that’s not bad going!

I’ve had an arthroscopic procedure done on my left hip, which will either save the hip, or buy some extra time before I need a total replacement. I can’t say as I notice any difference yet! 😀 Which is a good thing as that means that the post op pain is no worse than the bad joint pain.

I was up and getting to the loo under my own steam by 18.30 last night (with the auxiliary right by my side though). I’m to use one crutch only, and I can put all my weight on the operated leg.

I can’t quite believe I’m sitting here at home less than 24 hours after getting out of surgery and feeling pretty good.

Now I just have to find good ways to occupy myself for the next 2 weeks when I’m supposed to do nothing resembling any work. I guess my knitting and crochet output will go back up to pre-quilting levels!

I’m sure I’ll be wittering on about the process of recovery over the next few weeks. And my first trip down to the sewing studio will merit a post all its own!

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  1. I had a hip replacement in early Sept, op in the morning, out of bed on crutches the same evening and home on day 4. I walked the stairs at home immediately, drove my car after 4 weeks and have only some minor no-no’s for 6 months. This hip will last me 30 years or so and I truly feel like I got my life back and Sophiahemmet here in Stockholm is like a 5 star hotel too 🙂
    Speedy recovery!!

    • Oh it will last you at least 30 years! My mum had her first one done 25 years ago and it is still going strong. Today’s hips are even better!

      Enjoy your new lease of life, it truly is life-changing.

      I argued for the arthroscopic procedure because the two doctors i saw disagreed. The one in the US said i was a good candidate for it, but the one here said i needed a new hip. We discussed it, rather a lot! He agreed to do the arthroscopy and said he’d do his best to save my hip. After the op he said only time would tell. Needless to say, I will be taking it *very* easy so he can’t say “I told you so.”
      I’m sleeping downstairs in the spare room, I can go up & down stairs, but I won’t be able to get down them in a hurry and I’m slightly paranoid about earthquakes!

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