Lapis lazuli for Helen: my 3rd make of 2015

I have made jewellery from silver & lapis lazuli for many friends, particularly when they are leaving Chile. Other friends have received crochet or knit items, and others, who have left when I have been busy with teaching or building my inventory for craft fairs have nothing handmade to remember me by. That is a depressing thought. Anyway, I’m hoping to organise my time much better in future, so I will be able to make more for the people I love.

I think I’m tired. Post-operative Blues, perhaps. Anyway, here’s the 3rd thing I’ve completed this year.

This week my friend Helen leaves for Abu Dhabi, so I made her a bracelet. And now I realise that I forgot to take a photo of it. Damn.

Edited to add photo that Helen sent me!

Helen's lapis lazuli and silver bracelet

So here’s the photos I instagrammed of the first and second makes, and you’ll see I’m very broad in my definition of what I’ve made!

Baba Ganoush for our Ne’erday BBQ

Baba Ganoush

Nido Quilters BOM 5th Star

Nido Quilters BOM 5th Star

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