I just made something amazing happen

I had a pretty shitty day, part of which was spent in tears. Not really worth it but a couple of things tipped the simmering pity party over the edge. 

But then:
I was in the local waitrose just now (it’s actually Unimarc but they sell waitrose products, and serve a similar demographic).  Often we’re asked to take a product, pay for it and then drop it in a box on our way out. Today it was for “trabajo de invierno” where senior school pupils do volunteer work over the winter holidays. 

I looked at what the two young women were holding, and told them I wouldn’t pay for anything made by nestle. They looked at what they had and handed me a kilo of own brand sugar. Then they asked me why. So I told them (in Spanglish) about nestle giving free samples of infant formula in hospitals, thereby often sabotaging the breastfeeding relationship before it ever gets a chance to start. I told them how this can endanger the lives of babies in places where clean water isn’t easily available, and how it contributes to poverty because unlike breast milk, formula is expensive. 

And do you know what these two young women did? They put the nestle products they were holding BACK ON THE SHELF!

Nestle has a stranglehold on food production here. It’s much harder to stick to the boycott here in chile than it is at home in Scotland. 

I think right now I feel better than I ever have in Chile. 

6 responses to “I just made something amazing happen

  1. Marylin Keating

    Awesome. Nuff said.

  2. That’s fantastic Alison. I too avoid Nestle products (Kit-Kats are the only product where this is hard!) but it’s unusual to have the opportunity to talk to strangers about it. Congratulations! x

  3. hi… I’m chilean… And you did it right!!!.. the goverment pays for the milk for children.. we don’t need “nestle Charity”.. That is the tipycal marketing strategy, because the people love to be “good person” in the easy way

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