97% of your friends are the worst humans who ever walked the earth. 

I’m one of those who “even had cancer” which is obviously bottom of the totem pile from those who currently have it or who have died from it. Copying and pasting stuff to your Facebook status is not helpful. Find a reliable charity. Take your credit card to your computer. Then do that thing. That thing that involves giving forward. And please don’t try and shame me for not sharing your status. I had breast cancer. I had fantastic care. If I’m one of the 97% who don’t copy and paste, please think about why that is. Cancer, and MS, and Parkinson’s research all need your money. Just pick a charity and give over the money. But if you’re going to post one of those “97% of my fellow humans don’t care”, statuses, please make that extra effort which saves me from having to read it. Block me. 

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