Happy 10th Birthday Pseudoboob

Ah. Here I am. It’s not that I ever doubted I’d make it to 10 years. Just the odd moment of fear, panic, unease. But none of those moments came true and I’m here. Here.  Here and I get up every day and go about my life as if the breast cancer never happened. Well, not really, but mostly. It happened. Ten years ago. 

I thought I’d have a lot to say today. But while I have feelings going mad in my head I’m not able to articulate them. So. 

I’m lucky. Unbelievably lucky. I’ve made it to *the* milestone for people who have had cancer. 

I’ll celebrate. When Bill gets home Japan and when I can gather my friends around me. 

Ten years. I’m here. Life is awesome.  

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  1. the best reason for a party X

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