About Alison


Mother, Maker

I’m living in Chile because my husband is an astronomer with the ALMA Observatory. My kids are in school all day (they have very long school days here) and that gives me time to make things.


I love to teach people to make things with their own hands (and some fabulous machines, of course).

Alison, quilting. Photo: Daniela Spadoni

Alison, quilting. Photo: Daniela Spadoni

4 responses to “About Alison

  1. Wow! You developed all this talent by yourself because if it is in the genes, it most certainly did not come from me – perhaps from Grandmothers? Go for it……..Have fun……..but don’t wear yourself out – remember to take breaks!!! Dad and I are just so proud of what you have accomplished and what’s coming!! Lots of love.

  2. Hello Alison, where exactly are you located? I couldn’t find where classes are taking place… Thanks in advance! Sandra

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for your question. I teach in my home studio so I don’t publish the address on the website. I live in La Dehesa, Santiago.

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