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Home from Hotel Alemana


Which is actually Clinica Alemana, or the German Hospital here in Santiago, but ever since my first inpatient stay there I have considered it a 5* hotel with operating rooms!

I went into the operating theatre at noon yesterday and was given my discharge papers just before noon today, that’s not bad going!

I’ve had an arthroscopic procedure done on my left hip, which will either save the hip, or buy some extra time before I need a total replacement. I can’t say as I notice any difference yet! 😀 Which is a good thing as that means that the post op pain is no worse than the bad joint pain.

I was up and getting to the loo under my own steam by 18.30 last night (with the auxiliary right by my side though). I’m to use one crutch only, and I can put all my weight on the operated leg.

I can’t quite believe I’m sitting here at home less than 24 hours after getting out of surgery and feeling pretty good.

Now I just have to find good ways to occupy myself for the next 2 weeks when I’m supposed to do nothing resembling any work. I guess my knitting and crochet output will go back up to pre-quilting levels!

I’m sure I’ll be wittering on about the process of recovery over the next few weeks. And my first trip down to the sewing studio will merit a post all its own!

Wearing out

So. My left hip has worn out and needs replacing. That is all.

SABLE*: that’s me.

This post on Quirks ltd made me think about stashing and using.

Quilting Stash

I rarely buy stuff with a project in mind. It’s often years before the idea percolates up, and then I have to dig down down down into the stash.

I have stuff in there that’s probably 30 years old.

Big pile o'fabric

Now that I have the luxury of time to work, I am using stuff that I remember buying because it was beautiful, because it was cheap, because it would always remind me of where and who I was when I found it. The stash is part of me, an extension of who I am now.

Now that I am making things to sell, my attachment to the stash is almost more intense. I have to be willing to let pieces go. This is easier when I am making gifts, the possibility of seeing the piece again is one reason for that ease, but selling to a stranger is totally letting go.

*Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

Potential, not waste!

One thing that taking up quilting has done for my dressmaking? I now see even vast expanses of unused fabric as potential quilt blocks instead of waste.


So no one is going to be surprised when I take up quilting in denim or suiting, right?


I noticed something funny about my right index fingernail the other day. There was a deep ridge across it. I was worried until I noticed a slight ridge on its neighbouring nail.


Obviously the effect of slicing off the tip of one finger and halfway across the nail of the other was a shock to the nail bed. Weird.

The quilt in question is almost complete now, and I think it’s going to be worth the blood, sweat, and tears. I hope! It will take a while to reach its destination so the verdict will be slow in coming.


Sticky Back Plastic


I finally got around to covering my cutting table today. I was sandwiching a quilt and the fabric kept sticking to the bare

I dug out my remnants of sticky back plastic, but there wasn’t quite enough so I had to go shopping for more in the end.

The blue stuff in the middle was bought 13 years ago to cover a box for storing Thomas’s baby mementos. It seems to have lost its glue because it didn’t stick very well. But it’s staying for sentimental reasons.

I wonder where that box is?

I might be in trouble for this…


Do 13 year olds wear PJs with happy face buttons??

PotW post coming up soon. And it’s all about pyjamas, funnily enough.

Project of the week 1/52 (Por fin!)

Let’s quietly ignore the fact that the first week of 2014 is well behind us already. I had almost finished these before the end of the week, but I only got around to weaving in the ends today.


A set of my beaded food covers. And these are for me.
These have proved to be very popular when I do craft fairs so I have ended up selling the ones I thought I was making for myself as well!

Here are covers for my big oval wooden salad bowl, a round bowl cover, one for the water (or more likely Pimms) jug, and a small one for the salad dressing or a milk jug, or a beer can. I think I have enough of the green thread to make a few more small ones so there would be a set to cover drinks as well.


And here are the two I found in the bottom of the project bag with just their ends to be woven in. All finished now.

And now onto next week!

A blank slate

I realised yesterday that we didn’t have a 2014 calendar or diary in the house. So when I saw this one with yarn on the cover during our last minute dash to the Jumbo, I popped it in my trolley.


It’s a blank slate, a bit like this blog is every time I open it up to write or post a photo.

A blank slate and a New Year, and for once I *am* making a resolution. I have said more than a few times that I want to post more often here, and that I want to write a “Project of the Week” post every week. So here we go, I’m resolving to do just that. I’m saying it right here in front of witnesses. Feel free to encourage me if you think I’m slacking!

Happy New Year. I hope this year is better than last, which is my usual hope at the beginning of a New Year, but 2013 really did have its difficult moments, and it was good to see the back of it.

2014 will bring us teenager-hood and the end of elementary school for our family. Hopefully it will be a busy and creative year for all of us, and for all of you too.


I was working late last night.

Aargh. Ten minutes to clear the decks before sewing class.