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Five kilos of Rhubarb


It may be hard to imagine, but even with 20 fruit trees in my garden, there are some things we don’t grow that still make me go weak at the knees.

Rhubarb, oh how I love you. Rhubarb and ginger jam, oh how I missed you last year when I missed the very short rhubarb season here in Chile.

So today when I gut a call from Bogdan that there was rhubarb in the Jumbo at Portal La Dehesa, not even the fact that now they charge you to park there could put me off! Rhubarb! So I bought 5 kilos.

Do you think that might have been a bit extreme?


It’s a bit awkward, but I’m managing!


I’m not going anywhere near the rotary cutter yet though.


Well I never!


This is a new one on me. I have never broken a seam ripper before. Nor have I ever bought an expensive one before.
If I was still in the UK I’d be returning it to the shop where I bought it.

If I still have packaging I will contact the company.

But really: aargh!


Bitten by a fabric storage box.


Now I could understand it if I was taking fabric out, but I was actually feeding it! Incomprehensible.


Not your usual windfall.


Oh dear. Look what I found lying on the ground under one of the avocado trees.
Better make a note in the diary to pick them before August next year!


Even earlier!


I was surprised to see yesterday that there is already almond blossom. Each year it has come earlier.
Indeed, in the time between me spotting it on the way to the chicken coop and going back a couple of hours later to snap the photo we’d gone from about 3 blossom to more than 10. Amazing.
So, it’s about the right time to try and figure out how we can have some almonds to
ourselves this year instead of only supplying the bloody green parakeets! Any ideas?


First Apricot Blossom


Beautiful, isn’t it?

With photos like this it’s not hard to remind ourselves how very very lucky we are.

I live in my dream house.

Did they stop and think?

If you are a bra designer (and I do have that ambition sometimes) wouldn’t you know why someone wants a nude or skintone coloured bra? It’s so that it will disappear under your garments and not be visible. It may not be obvious, but a white bra under a white top will show through, but a “nude” one, that is closer to the wearer’s skin tone will disappear.

So what were the designers at Marks & Spencer thinking when  they put this together?


And there’s not just 1 black bow, there are 3.  I guess they put them on so that they could link this bra to the other one in the pack of two – which is black, with beige bows, of course.  And while the beige bow isn’t likely to show through on a garment, it just looks ugly. As does, if you ask me, the black on beige.


I remember a friend’s mum, when I was in my teens, who invariably wore a black bra under a pink sweater.  I was embarrassed and she wasn’t even my mum. And for some reason this black bow on my beige bra thing brought it all back to me!

I have taken them off both bras, and I guess I could swap them over, but the real reason for using these little bows, or the rosebuds yu sometimes see is to cover up areas where less than perfect stitching might otherwise show. And I have to say that I am really impressed with the worksmanship on these – there’s nothing to cover up, and in fact, if I’d made them I’d want everyone to see how beautifully stitched they are.


In the bleak midwinter


There are already signs of spring in the garden.

Hardly surprising since we had 28C a couple of days ago.


Sometimes it’s inevitable.

Today is one of those days. I have spent most of the afternoon test stitching seams and trying different stitch and thread combinations on the overlocker. And nothing is satisfactory. This fabric is not going to be made into this garment.

Sometimes it just has to be accepted. The bin is going to be the best place for this. The fact that it didn’t cost more than a fiver makes that a little easier to handle.


And here’s another one that was a nice idea but isn’t going to work. The pomegranate seeds are just too hard. So trying to eat this is no fun at all. I even tried to purée it, but it just ends up as a strange texture with tiny little bits of hard pomegranate seeds! Next year I will try quince chutney again. Someone please remind me of this disaster then?